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We are neo-traditional Paleo-Growers, a fine balance between wild and mediated. Agents of Elemental Forces we are Alchemists and Agrarians, Poets and Journalists, Dirt Mongers and artists united collectively. We are the Stars of Noon.

The medicines in herbs are derived from the cosmic forces of sunlight, moonlight, and starlight; from rain and dew and the minerals of the earth's soil layers, as well as the hereditary properties. Any herb can have its medicinal properties analyzed to a certain extent; only the cosmic and the hereditary cannot as yet be measured, which is most unfortunate, for it is in this "streaming spirit" of the herb that most of the healing powers are contained.

-- Juliette de Bairacli Levy (1973), 1912-2009

Acting on behalf of what we Love and Defend we publish this site to deepen your understanding of sustainable agrarian life as lived and labored on our Farm in the Forest in the 21st Century.
Peace and Prosperity to the Cottages!

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