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Due to the extraordinary weather we are having of late, our exuberance for all things growing got the best of us. There are 18 fruit trees (bare root) and four grape vines waiting at Sparetime. They wait to be planted here at the farm bringing our total in the orchard to 40. While we won’t be getting multiple lugs for four or so more years, they are the best investment for the future we can think of.
At least, for ridge dwellers.

Farming = Lessons in Delayed Gratification

So, the digging is being done — fenced area expanding a bit — in preparation for the trees. Soil is still wet and heavy, but dry hot weather during the day is lightening that load with each passing hour.
The orchard has been a four year project. Taking a rest at 40. Let it all take root.

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Learning as we go

Some stuff we’re expert at; other projects we’ve taken on, such as these Dispatches and entire web endeavor, we’re learning about as we go.

Due to being left in the digital backwaters with regard to bandwidth (in brief: we’re rural) we finally figured out how to shrink the photos for the Ministry of Images so that, hopefully, photos will upload without the cursed satellite demons throttling us down and out.

Wasn’t there supposed to be some kind of national rural broadband deployment as part of the stimulus? We chuckle.

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Pitchfork Society

We who work the land find it intolerable that our Craft continues to be diluted by numbskull journalists who insist on referring to industrialized de-natured mass production of green matter as ‘farms’ and ‘farming.’

It is not. It is Frankenweed™ and any human who deigns to think of themselves as somewhat conscious with regard to what they imbibe being safe and clean and real and, dare we say it, close to organic much less medicinal, yet supports or endorses or turns a blind eye to the hideous environmental consequences of all those pesticides and enhanced nutrients flushing down all those (industrial) drains 24/7 much less the water grab not to mention, ok we’ll mention it, the heavy duty electrical power pull in a so-called ‘environmentally conscious’ area of the world — well that human is delusional. If folks want to poison themselves, so be it. But when it spills over into The Commons with long term environmental havoc, we say no. Not necessary and absolutely not sustainable.

Ne croix pas le hype.

Isn’t it time to have the discussion about faux farming?

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Barking back

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A Blog is Quietly Born

The Year Wheel turns, we wind down to the longest night. The Peach trees are going dormant but not before charging each leaf with seasonal colors of red and gold, brown by the time it hits the ground.
MediJane™ is getting fussed over by expert hands, and we just got some of our Sunbolts’ test results back! Very exciting.
Politics continue to numb the brain. Lame Duck Congress indeed. I’ve never seen a lame duck, only the ones in my pond. They paddle about and disperse when approached, usually flying away or speed paddling into the reeds to protect their nests. But lame? Nah, only Congress houses lame ducks.
If I post this, am I no longer a blog virgin?
Slow Grow. Slow Blog. Best if used before expiration date.

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